Call of Duty Ghosts Theme

This November Call of Duty gets another edition in its gaming series - Call of Duty Ghosts. As tenth title in Call of Duty series it would be one of the first game launched for next generation Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

Game is left identical to other games while major changes are made to game engine and environment. Game promises to bring new set of features and game-play possibilities.

The event takes place in new future when United States is destroyed by a kinetic bombardment, when a group of terrorists hijack the space station, using their own weapons against them. This results in change in global balance of power in world as United States is no longer superpower. Its industries and infrastructures were decimated, and the mainland is reduced to a vulnerable, developing country. Ten years later, a new superpower called the “Federation” (which consists of many South American countries unified under one rule) invades the United States, overwhelming the crippled military and occupying many states, but remnants of U.S. special operation forces from every branch including retired US Army Capitain Elias Walker, his sons Logan and David, and SEALS commander Merrick came together to create a specialized unit called the “Ghosts”, an elite paramilitary group of soldiers who are capable of waging guerrilla warfare, clandestine operations, and raids behind enemy lines to eradicate all threats in order to protect what remains of the United States and destroy the federation and expel them from the country they call home.

Game Trailer:

Call of Duty fans would love to customize their desktop with this Call of Duty Ghost Theme. It brings cool set of wallpapers and icons from this Call of Duty game. Theme contain 10 high resolution for main desktop and 2 logon screen for Windows 7. It also comes with Call of Duty User Account Picture and two icons.

Call of Duty Ghosts Theme

Call of Duty Ghosts Theme

Call of Duty Ghosts Logon Screens

Call of Duty Ghosts Logon Screens

Call of Duty Ghost Theme supports all version of Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS.

Download Call of Duty Theme

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