How To Configure SkyDrive Client Software To Store Files In Cloud

Microsoft have recently launched SkyDrive app for Windows that would enable its users to easily manage data across cloud and desktop PC. Its being long since Microsoft came with SkyDrive service. But it lack this type of application for long time which gives other services like Dropbox upper hand. While Microsoft have breached this gap by SkyDrive Application for Windows that would enable seamless integration of cloud drive into desktop. Here in this post we would configure this application on Windows 7.

If you are not the user of SkyDrive than you’ll need to sign up first. It starts with free plans with 7 Gb storage and you can opt for more with small fees. Visit Microsoft website here and register an email address. This email address will be used for SkyDrive.

After you are done with email account, download SkyDrive from Microsoft website. Its weight 4.7 MB in size and should not take much time.

Begin the installation. You’ll need to enter email address and password in below screen during installation. Make sure you enter same previous email address and correct password.

SkyDrive Application

In next screen you can change location of SkyDrive folder on your computer. By default it resides into My Document. We have changed it into other folder. Use change button to specify custom folder and continue installation.

SkyDrive Application

SkyDrive application will reside into your tray on bottom right. Double click that icon and it would open up SkyDrive folder. Here you can create any new folder, copy files, etc. Same data would be replicated in cloud server which you can access from anywhere else.

SkyDrive Application

When you copy file to this folder, application will start to upload those files in cloud servers. While the task continues you might face internet slowdown. That’s normal and would return to normal speed once transferring is finished. In below screenshot file in left is uploaded and is available on cloud while file on left is under progress and uploading.

SkyDrive Application

Now you are ready to store all important data on SkyDrive cloud location. This would help you to access important files from anywhere without carrying them. So if you have not used this on yet, go and get it for free.

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