Ant Man Theme

Ant Man is superhero film based on Marvel Comic named Ant-Man schedule for release on July 17, 2015. It forms a part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as a twelfth installment. The movie is preceded by Avengers Age of Ultron which was released on May 1, 2015 but do not share any common events. Though there are rumors that Ant Man will converge in Avengers: Infinity War which is schedule for 2018.

The Ant Man story is derived from comic series of the same name. The hero should protect highly advance technology that allows to shrink human body to the site of ant. The Ant-Man technology allows its users to decrease in size but increases in strength. Thief Scott Lang who plays the role of Ant Man should aid is mentor and creator of this technology  Dr. Hank Pym in safeguarding this technology simultaneously fighting various new threats and plot a heist that will save the Earth.

The Ant Man Theme consist of 10 HD wallpapers and one icon which you can use to customize your desktop. Theme supports Windows 7. Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system.

Ant Man Theme

In addition theme also add these wallpaper to Windows 7 logon screen. The icon can be used as User Picture for you account.

Ant Man Logon Screen

Theme Content:

Wallpapers 10
Logon Screens 10
Icons 1
RocketDock Icons No
User Account Picture Yes
Size 4 MB
Supported OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 32 bit / 64 bit

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