Avatar Pandora Theme For Windows 7 & Windows 8

Avatar Pandora Theme For Windows based on speculating beauty of Pandora moon from Avatar movie which brought a great wave of natural beauty and special effects. Theme contains some of the beautiful wallpapers showing beauty of Pandora moon on which Avatar movie was shot.

Avatar Pandora Theme

Made by James Cameron as epic science fiction movie Avatar touched new heights with special effects. Even Tron Legacy movie which was released an year later was far from amount of graphical glory that Avatar has. Avatar was shot on Pandora fifth moon of the gas giant Polyphemus orbiting closest star of sun. To humans pandora is mysterious, primal and terrifying. Natural landscape of the moon is way different that Earth. Pandora looks like a lush paradise by Earth standards during the day, but at night, virtually all life on the planet exhibits bioluminescent qualities in various shades of blue, purple and green. With 20% less gravity compared to earth its not surprising to see flying trees and land mass.

Avatar Theme

This Pandora Theme contains some of wallpapers sourced from Avatar movie which clearly showcase beauty of Pandora moon.