Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Theme

Bring new Batman wallpapers to your desktop with this movie based Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Windows 7 Theme.

Batman, among the other Hollywood superheros would be coming with next installment of Batman Series: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises movie.  Story continues eight years after the end in previous movie, where a new terrorist again bring clouds of terrorism. Batman rushes to catch him and protect the city that has branded him an enemy.  The movie makes official release on July 20, 2012. Here, don’t miss this change to bring cool Dark Knight wallpapers to your desktop with this theme.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Windows 7 Theme

Theme content sample image

Whats included in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Theme

  • 20 selected cool wallpapers based on this movie. All wallpapers are in high resolution i.e. 1920×1200 pixle.
  • 4 Custom built icons for most important shortcuts like My Computer and Documents.
  • 5 images to replace default logon screen. They automatically rotate at computer startup.

Download Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Theme


The series concludes with this movie but not the journey of Batman. The Batman must rise again, 20 years later, more powerful, more armed to fight someone nothing less than god in Batman V Superman. We have released Batman V Superman theme you might like download.