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Its been long time since Battlefield 3 which marked record success in gaming industry. Now in 2013, the thirteenth installment of the series  is to be released in fourth quarter as Battlefield 4. Sources claim the next game will be sequel to the series.

Battlefield 4 is a seminal moment for the Battlefield series as more award-winning, multiplayer game design elements are incorporated into the single-player campaign. In single-player, gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles and the ability to direct squad mates. Taking a page from the social aspect of multiplayer gaming, the single-player mode will now track players’ progress, adding an element of persistence and friendly competition to the campaign.

Here’s first trailer

17 Minute Gameplay

If you are Battlefield game fan, you’ll definitely like this theme. Packed with cool wallpapers from Battlefield 4 game, the theme will ready your desktop for game launch.

Battlefield 4 Theme For Windows 7 and Windows 8

Battlefield 4 Theme For Windows 7 and Windows 8

Battlefield 4 Theme contain 29 high resolution that will be displayed on your desktop. It also contain custom User Account Picture and 5 custom Battlefield icons that are used for shortcuts like My Computer, Documents, Recycle Bin, etc.

Battlefield 4 Theme Logon Screens

Battlefield 4 Theme Logon Screens on Windows 7 and User Account Picture

Windows 7 users will also get 6 logon images that automatically change when computer starts.

The theme supports all version of Windows 7 and 8. Download now for free….

Download Battlefield 4 Theme

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