Battlefield V Theme

Battlefield V is an upcoming first-person shooter video game and the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series. Battlefield V will focus extensively on party-based features and mechanics, scarcity of resources, and removing “abstractions” from game mechanics to increase realism.[1] There will be an expanded focus on player customization through the new Company system, where players will be able to create multiple characters with various cosmetic and weapon options.
Battlefield V Window 10 Theme

The game will feature several new multiplayer modes, including the “continuous” campaign mode “Tides of War”, “Royale”, and “Grand Operations”. The Grand Operations mode is an expansion of the “Operations” mode introduced in Battlefield 1, which focuses on matches taking place across multiple stages to simulate a campaign from the war.

Battlefield V Window 10 Theme

Battlefield V Windows 10 Theme replaces your desktop wallpaper with one of the 20 HD images images included within the theme. Once the theme has been set as the default one, your desktop background image is automatically replaced with one of the several pictures depicting Battlefield V. All things considered, Battlefield V Theme is a lightweight theme pack that can help you customize your workspace by offering you several Battlefield V wallpapers. It does not require any configuration, can be easily deployed on your computer and provides you with high-quality, astonishing content.


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