Ben Affleck Theme

Ben Affleck is an American actor and also a film maker. From acting in action films, romantic movies, he is also seen as a very charming and funny guy. He has starred in many movies and the recent most common is when he acts as Bruce Wayne in Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice. He portrays himself as an all rounded guy and he is well able to execute his acting role perfectly.

Ben began his acting career as a child. The Voyage of the Mimi and The Second Voyage of the Mimi are the two movies that brought him to fame. He has been in Hollywood all his life. In 1998 the Armageddon movie was released where he acted alongside Bruce Willis as astronauts who had been sent by NASA to stop an asteroid from reaching planet earth. The movie’s success led to him rising higher in Hollywood.

The Ben Affleck’s  Windows 7 theme contains wallpapers of Ben Affleck’s well-built body. In the movie Armageddon, Ben was advised by his Director, Michael Bay that he had to lose weight and become browner in order for him to be a star. He began his career as a director in 2007 in the film Gone Baby Gone. He has directed many movies in the Warner Bros Company and is seen to be able to bring up great storylines.

Ben is married to Jenifer Garner for eleven years now. He has been able to help in various charities such as carrying out initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He directed a film which was meant to highlight abuse of human rights in Congo.

Ben Affleck Windows 7 Theme

The Ben Affleck themes contains icons and wallpapers that transform your desktop and give it that feel of class. If you are a fan of Batman you should make sure that you get yourself this theme. The theme contains 9 HD wallpapers, one icon for My Computer, and user account pictures and also lock screens for Windows 10. Theme supports all versions for Windows.

Ben Affleck Windows 7 Theme