Bing Desktop – Bring Bing Wallpapers And Search To Desktop

Bing Desktop is one of the latest and dedicated Bings search engine client software specially meant as widget for Windows. If you think its search widget, its not, its has more feature rich that employs perfect match of wallpapers to replace themes yet providing search access at tip of mouse.

Microsoft have gone further than designing conventional widgets. Bing Desktop is all new small desktop  customizing tool that would add Bings search widget to your desktop. Plus you’ll see new wallpapers from its homepage every day.

This is essentially a widget which you can use to search Internet in one click. Search results are opened in default browser. It only takes up search term and passes it to your default browser to look on Bing. Additionally it bundles to add Bing wallpapers (which are shown on Bings homepage) to desktop screen.  That’s good because you’ll see new wallpapers everyday, on downside you cannot choose your own wallpaper. While it does have limitations to change wallpapers on user request or set one as default, user might find those images impressive.

Widget could be placed anywhere on the screen , normally on top. In auto hide setting you’ll have to hover mouse over it and click it. Bing Desktop is very limited when it comes to personalizing with other design. You can choose whether to start this application when windows starts which would be helpful to maintain fast startup time. Users also have choice to skip Bing wallpapers and use their default themes.

Bing Desktop Widget

Bing Desktop delivers the beauty of the Bing homepage to your Windows desktop each day. Plus, get easy access to the Bing search box right from your desktop. Turn your searching into doing with Bing.

Don’t think this will bring new weapon to your customizing arsenal. Its is still in beta stage and supports for Windows 7, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Service Pack 1 platforms. Users don’t need to worry about its updates since Microsoft have integrated Bing Desktop with Microsoft update. We could expect this tool for Windows 8, it might come preinstalled with it.

You’ll get future updates to Bing Desktop and other Microsoft products from Microsoft Update. This software may also download and install some updates automatically.

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