Bring Windows 8 Metro UI On Windows 7

And now its Windows 8 launched some of you would have already tested it. Indeed Microsoft is offering such a low price packages makes it worth upgrading.  Windows 8 bring whole new user interface and feature. Some of which have shown positive response from customers while others like no start menu bring some criticism  The most of all highlighted feature is new Metro UI which makes it stand out from other previous versions.

Metro User Interface in native in Windows 8 which helps to maintain quick shortcuts of apps and programs right from start screen. One obvious advantage over start menu is Metro UI support touch based devices, which would be very tedious to handle in case of start menu. The fresh looks also gives new life to computer.

In case there might be some users who are missing Windows 8 or just don’t want to switch to Windows 8, can also enjoy this metro with special application known as WinMetro from IOrbit. The application is currently in beta stage of development and supports Windows XP, Vista and 7 – 32-bit and 64 bit.

Windows 7  Metro UI

Windows 7 Metro UI

You just simple need to install this software on your computer. It adds almost similar looking Metro start screen to desktop. The program automatically starts when computer starts much like how metro screen loads in Windows. It also comes bundled with some useful apps which are updated in real time.

You first need to download this application. Follow the button to download the installer.

Download WinMetro

Installation is straight forward and it teaches you how to install new UI. Below screenshots shows whats were and how to use it. 

Windows 7  Metro UI

Windows 7  Metro UI

Once installed Windows 8 Metro style UI will be loaded. This is what we found in our case. Somewhat similar to real metro but need lot more improvement. You can use the apps to access shortcuts right from here. To return back either click on desktop tile or close button on upper right corner. The application runs in background and you can launch Metro UI again from minimized Windows.

The application is still in development stage, We expect developer to add new feature in upcoming versions. For this time you can enjoy Metro style on Windows 7 totally free without upgrading to Windows 8.

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    • Greekshouldwork

      U mad? This shit fits only to the touchscreens.. 10/11″ screens.. on 25″ screen it looks utterly dumb.. not counting the fact that there is usally huge wasted areas on the screen..

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