Call Of Duty: Black Ops Theme

Call of Duty: Black ops theme for windows that bundles high quality wallpapers from the famous game.

Upon its launch, Black Ops break all records set by its previous installment Modern Warefare 2 becoming fastest selling game ever and later best-selling game of that time. Game takes players to Cold War time in 1960s featuring intense action and firefight. Eventhough this is old piece and many new games have joined Call Of Duty series, this theme still packs in the punch to be on your desktop with some really impressive wallpaers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Theme pack contain 6 selected and best wallpapers (resolution – 1920×1200 pixel) to bring this game to your screen.

Latest version “Black Ops 2″of this series have been announced to release soon. Find more detail here or check out Black Ops 2 trailer here.


Download Call Of Duty: Black Ops Theme

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