Counter Strike Global Offensive Theme

Counter Strike is one of most played game out there. Every collage student having access to internet would have played it. First released in 2000 Counter Strike can still be found running on some machines. Last year Valve brought Counter Strike Global Offensive which was modern and new version of Counter Strike.

The new game is essentially based on same driving principle of Terrorist and Counter Terrorist with little addition of new game modes. The most advancement went towards modern graphics which was considered inferior in original Counter Strike game which has decade old technology.

Well the received lot of positive reviews and is still played by lot of player. Here an there I often find Counter Strike fans. So for a serious Counter Strike fan who would like to customize his desktop with Counter Strike wallpapers icons, go on with this theme. It has cool wallpapers from Counter Strike Global Offensive game.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Theme

Counter Strike Global Offensive Theme With 13 Wallpapers and Icons

Theme packs in 13 HD wallpapers for desktop along with 5 logon images for Windows 7.3 Custom game based icons will replace shortcuts for My Compute, Documents and Recycle Bin. User Account Picture is also refreshed with new icon.

Counter Strike Global Offensive 5 Logon Screen

Counter Strike Global Offensive 5 Logon Screen

It supports all version of Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS. Download now get Counter Strike on your desktop.

Download Counter Strike Global Offensive Theme

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