How To Customize Folder With Different Colors

Folder are root container to store files and all information. For anyone keen to customize desktop will make every effort to customize folder look. You can do so with simple icon change so it will exactly look what you want. But its difficult job to select and assign each icon and takes quite long time. Yet it would be good idea to keep their icons simple with same to all folders and change their color. Changing the color of icon changes the game of look and feel, because it provides faster access to folder during navigation with unique colors and also uniqueness to folder with color reflecting its content.

With custom color set to each folder you can not only improve your navigation speed but will also Windows look. Its hard to find such customization because most of people ignore it because it looks small on other side it provides significant power to your customized computer. If you are thinking to fine tune Windows customization you should make use of this feature. Apart from customizing this will help you to sort your content faster.

Folder Colorizer is small application for this job. Its freeware and you can download it from softpedia. Its has simple installation of two steps. You need to enter email address to activate the product and it needs constant Internet connect. And this was the only thing holding this software still on ground.

Add color to folder

You find new item in context menu with name “Colorise!”. Right click any of folder and select this option and choose your color. You can also create custom color with last option. Soon you able to see new color to the folder.


Add Color to folderThis is great for people who want to organize data systematically. Each folder color could be used to specify different content. And finally it looks but very different Windows customization.