Customize Start Menu In Windows 7 With Aston2 Menu

Windows 8 users have greatly disappointed with lack of start menu in Microsoft’s new horse Windows 8. Perhaps it might be one of the reason for Windows 7 being so strong in the market and Windows 8 being little stifle in growth rate. And so we here at ExpoThemes have mostly stressed on customizing Windows 7 because our most of the users have it. Indeed the situation will change over time since we are shifting towards the latest standards.

And this time, we have on the table a new tool to completely alter the look of Start menu – Aston2 Menu.

Changing start menu look through themes is cumbersome process an almost impossible for novice users. It needs to patch system files using third party tools and then edit style files in Hex Editor. Oh! that’s tacky process. So a simple solution is provided by Aston2 Menu. Which is essentially an application that replaces the menu its with UI.

Customize Start Menu In Windows 7

The above screenshot shown one of the skin from Aston2 Menu. The look of start menu after installing Aston2 Menu is completely changed here.

Aston2 Menu has some built in skins which can be changed via preferences. Further each skin can be customized to suit the needs. Even tough the skins which comes preinstalled with the application are basic and looks like Windows XP age, enough of customizing option is provided to add your creativity.

The app also offers faster access to predefined shortcuts by adding them in top process list. The feature I liked most was browsing the folders structure without even opening a single explorer tab. I found this very useful while opening deep nested folders. Check out the screenshot browsing nested folders right from desktop and using different skin.Customize Start Menu In Windows 7

The Aston2 Menu has tons of options hidden under the curtains. And if you are a kind of novice then be ready to spend little time to dig out them. The software supports all version of Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista. Unfortunately it does not support Windows 8.

Even though Aston2 Menu provides all round simplicity to customize start menu, it just feels useless if you can hack around .msstyle file. Because Aston2 Menu comes at a price tag but trial version is available so you can try it now for free.

Download Aston2 Menu

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