Titanfall Theme

Titanfall Theme is based on Titanfall game, one of the most awaited game of the year 2014 and winner of 75+ awards. It is an exclusive Microsoft title for Windows , and Xbox One and Xbox 360 platform. The game has schedule release on March 11 2014.

Titanfall takes combat in online multiplayer-only matches set on a war torn planet as mech-style Titans and theur pilots. Its action is fast-paced, including abilities to run on walls and hijack mechs, and extended periods between player deaths. Respawn (the developing studio) describes the game as bringing “scale, verticality, and story” to first-person shooter multiplayer gaming, incorporating elements traditionally used in single-player campaigns. The game uses Microsoft’s cloud computing services to offload non-player activity to servers and optimize the home computer for graphical performance.

Titanfall Trailer:

Titanfall Theme

Titanfall Theme For Windows 8

Titanfall Theme For Windows 7

The game have successfully created large fan base with its beta launch. It won over 60 awards at E3 2013 and 75+ month before the official launch.

With this theme you can bring new look to your desktop with exclusive Titanfall wallpapers and icons. It consist of 8 HD wallpapers and posters with dedicated logon screens for Windows 7.



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