FIFA 2014 Brazil – World Cup Theme

FIFA world cup is considered one of largest sports event on the earth. Held once every four year this time Brazil is the host nation of such a marvelous event. It was in 1930 when FIFA first begin with teams across the world fight for glory in Football and only one team holds the companions trophy until  four more years to come. Brazil was elected to host FIFA in 2007 and so is this day FIFA matches have already begun across stadiums of 12 cities.

FIFA World Cup attracts highest number of fans all over the world than any other event. And I am sure many of our dear readers will be fans of this legendary tournament. So we bring you FIFA World Cup Theme – Brazil addition. Consisting of 26 high resolution wallpapers and custom icons Fifa Theme will best prepare your desktop to cheer your favorite team.

FIFA 2014 Brazil - World Cup Theme

Themes comes with all HD wallpapers along with 5 logon screens for Windows 7. You will not miss anything with Fifa Theme. Wallpapers include photos of stadiums, ground, fans, etc.

FIFA 2014 Brazil - World Cup Windows 7 Theme

FIFA 2014 Brazil - World Cup Windows 8 Theme

In addition theme also has new icons for most used shortcuts and new user account picture. If you are Fifa fan, this theme is just for you.

Download FIFA World Cup Theme