Firefox Metro Browser First Prototype Tested By Mozilla

Browser industry are facing taught time with Internet Explorer increasing its market share and dominating in Windows 8 metro version. While most companies announced their plans for metro browser Mozilla was first to announce testing of its metro version of Firefox.

Microsoft gave serious challenge to all browser developing companies with two different version for normal and metro environment. Where in they have to code them differently. While Internet Explorer is only metro app style browser available serving model for most other players. Indeed their move to launch Metro IE was greatly shocking and seriously taking away users from Google Chrome and Firefox.

If any companies has to maintain its users they need to have metro compatible version of their browser. I don’t think they opt to lose their users for OS which made over million downloads in 24 hours after beta launch. Specially in case where tablet developers are eagerly waiting for Windows 8 operating system for their upcoming devices. Taking into account of tablets touch feature normal browser will hardly find it way inside.

Brian Bondy, the project manager has released snapshot of Firefox metro version where they tested its first prototype.  Development is still on track and we’ll have to wait till its release candidate versions are launched. If everything went well we might see them before Windows 8 official launch.

Firefox integrated in metro UI with tile icon.

Firefox Metro Browser

Browser Snapshots with and without sidebar.

Firefox Metro Browser


Firefox Metro Browser

It seems Mozilla is doing little different than Microsoft. They have used sidebar to hold tabs which was on top in case on Internet Explorer.

While Mozilla took big move with this announcement others player have not given any answer for this. Its just a single for towards Microsoft which have gone miles ahead of all. There is no exact date for launch and lets see if any other company can make this before Mozilla.