Furry Families Themes For Windows 7

Mothers love is special and nothing in world can replace it. And here is a theme to surprise her with special mother day theme Furry Families from Microsoft.

Surprise the mother in your life with images of tender motherly moments in the animal world: Polar bears hugging, lions nuzzling, otters cuddling, and penguins standing in the freezing cold. There’s even a mother gopher teaching her pup to dance. A free theme for Windows 7.

Furry Families Themes For Windows

Theme is dedicated to love between animals. Where their fellow one sends happiest moments.

It contain 14 wallpapers all of 1920×1200 pixel resolution. Theme is made for Windows 7 and it also works on Windows. If you are using Windows XP, first extract the theme package with WinRAR or similar software and than set individual wallpaper to your desktop.

Download Furry Families Theme