Gamers Special Theme 2013

2013 was all about fun and joy when number of outstanding games were launched. Right from Grand Theft Auto V which broke almost every record in gaming industry to Battlefield 4 which brought next gen graphics. As they say, every game as something unique. Some succeed while others fail. So here we have combine wallpapers and images from some of the best games launched in 2013 to create a special theme for addicted gamers.

We selected 10 games, best wallpapers from those games to create a gaming theme that would reflect gaming industry of 2013. Theme composes of total 99 wallpapers all in true HD and carefully selected.

Gamers Special Theme 2013

Games included in this pack:

In addition Gamers theme include 20 logon images, two from each game. They are assigned as Windows 7 logon background and automatically change during startup. Also there’s Crysis user picture of Prophet.

Gamers Special Theme 2013

 Gamers Special Theme 2013 - Tomb Raider

5 Game icons will add little more appeal. And perhaps we have added even RockeDock icon set with this one. So you, Gamer! just can’t miss anything. All you have to do is install RocketDock and then install this theme. Use our ExpoThemes Manager to assign User Account Picture and RocketDock.

Gamers Special Theme 2013 - Battlefield 4



Download Gamers Special Theme 2013

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