Gears of War 4 Theme

Gears of War 4 theme for Windows 7 is a game theme for fans of the game. The theme is meant for fans who want their desktop to have a fancier and enthusiastic look. The theme contains high-quality images from scenes in the game.

The Gears of War 4 game is set to be released in the month of October 2016. The game is developed by The Coalition and will be published by Microsoft Studios. Microsoft brought the franchise from Epic Games. The game will be compatible with Microsoft Windows and Xbox one platforms. The game can either be played online by multiple players.

The game is a 3rd person action game, and the player will be involved in fighting an enemy called The Swarm.  The game has been set in a virtual world on a Planet called Sera. The aim of the player is to save humanity from being destroyed by the Countermeasure weapon. This weapon has taken away the Locust, the Lambent and the use of fossil fuels. As a Coalition of Ordered Governments is formed, and walled cities are built, there is a group of individuals who escape from the walled cities. Their main agenda is to attack the cities and steal their resources.

The game, therefore, includes a group of friends who join up to fight these threats to their survival. A player will be able to access various weapons such as Buzzkills, Dropshot weapons, and the combat knife which have been introduced in this game. The Countermeasure Weapon has also caused windstorms to rise in the country which affects how a player fights and uses weapons.

gears of war 4 theme for windows 7 10

The Gears of War Windows theme once installed the images will change desktop wallpapers randomly. Every fan of this game should get this theme for their desktop. The theme contains 22 wallpapers, four icons, user account photos and lock screens.

gears of war 4 theme for windows 7 10