Harry Potter Series Mega Theme

For all Harry Potter fans, here is what you deserve, a mega theme based on Harry Potter Movie series.  May the series came to end long before, but its still there in many fans heart. For all fans this theme brings you cool wallpapers from almost all movies, adds new icons and give a new look to the desktop.

Well if you think why Harry Potter, than you should know that it was highest-grossing film series of all-time in inflation unadjusted dollars and each file is in top 35 highest-grossing films. The story which was derived from Harry Potter Novel have been beautifully curved into 8 series parts. Series started in 2001 named as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and ended in 2011 in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (eight title) with reported making of 7.7 billion worldwide.

Harry Potter Series Mega Theme With 56 Wallpapers

Harry Potter Series Mega Theme With 56 Wallpapers

Harry Potter Logon Screens

Harry Potter Logon Screens

Whats makes this theme a Mega Theme:

As the name suggest this is one of largest (largest at publishing time ) we have ever released on ExpoThemes. It include whooping 56 wallpapers from various movies. The last two parts was mostly stressed because they were latest to this year. All wallpapers are in HD resolution (i.e. 1920×1200) which is compatible with most of the monitor.

Theme also include custom built icons for most used shortcuts namely My Computer, Documents, Network, and Recycle Bin.

It also replaces the Windows 7 default logon image with images included in this theme. Eight images rotates as logon screens so you can see a different wallpaper each time you start the computer.

Download Harry Potter Series Mega Theme


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Installation Notes:

  • Please remove any other previously installed theme from add or remove programs.
  • This theme supports  Widows 7 and Windows 8 OS (logon screen not available in Windows 8) all editions.

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