Hot Christmas Girls Theme

December is here and its time to celebrate Christmas. So whats your plan for this holidays ? As said we will bring cool stuffs to celebrate this Christmas on your desktop, here comes another theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

This is not just a Christmas decoration themes, its theme decorate your desktop with hot Santa girls. I know most of you would like them to placed on your screen so the images are selected to be family safe.

The collection include 20 hot babes wallpapers dressed as Santa Girls with red background. In addition theme also include 5 logon screen so this hot images will also be added to startup and shutdown screen. Plus theme also has Christmas icons for most used shortcuts. The below screenshot shows whats there in Hot Christmas Girls Theme.

Hot Christmas Girls Theme

Download Hot Christmas Girls Theme

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Theme is specially built for Windows 7 and 8 and works on all versions. Windows 8 do not support logon screen which can only be enjoyed on Windows 7 but do not make any conflict with other part of the theme. At last, make sure you remove any other theme from add or remove programs which support custom logon wallpapers.

Hope you’ll like this piece. More cool stuffs for Christmas in pipeline  so subscribe to our updates below or like us on Facebook to stay up to day with us. Make sure to leave comment below if you this theme.