How To Add Background Image To Blank Tab In Firefox

Firefox is one of most popular browser competing with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Lets take a look how we can customize Firefox with background wallpaper in new tab.

Firefox browser has a decent look. If you like there is a way to add background image to all blank tabs. Normally blank tabs are all white without any background image or pattern. From Firefox 13 onwards, it shows tabs of most visited sites. Adding a background image simply makes Firefox stand out.

Background Image To Blank Tab In Firefox

  • First you need to install a add-on named Stylish. Process is simple, go to stylish install page here and click “Add To Firefox” button.
  • Once Stylish is installed go to to add-on manager. You’ll find new button on left sidebar named “User Styles” click it.
  • Create a new style with “Write New Style button”.
  • Give it a name and paste below code inside the box and save.


/* Set a wallpaper for the about:newtab page*/
@-moz-document url("about:newtab") {
    background: url("file:///c:/firefox.jpg") no-repeat !important ;
    background-size: 100% !important;

  • Now copy the image which you wish to set as background to drive C and Rename it to firefox.jpg.


  • Replace “c:/firefox.jpg” with path to your image or url to image on web.
  • Save the style and open new tab to preview the changes.


That’s all, you have custom background image for new tabs from now on.