How To Install Windows 8 Themes On Windows 7

Soon Windows 8 will make a full fledge launch this October and that might make stripping down popularity of Windows 7. Most of the developers would stress on Windows 8 and its sure theme developers might neglect Windows 7. Little was shown when first theme for Windows 8 was launched with no compatible version for windows 7. This would be bad new for those users who would prefer not to move on new operating system. In our case we would soon support Windows 8 Theme format along with compatible version for Windows 7. If you are one who every wish to install Windows 8 them on Windows 7 platform than you’ll need below guide if you didn’t know how to do.

Install Windows 8 Theme Windows 7

Microsoft might have changed theme format but their file structure remains the same. So it is possible to install Windows 8 theme on Windows 7 without need of any precious software or critical hack. You’ll need an extracting utility like WinRAR

or 7-zip to extract theme wallpapers.

  1. First download the theme and any of above software.
  2. Open theme file “deskthemepack” with software like WinRAR or 7-zip, you can drag the file and it will open into it.
  3. Now select DesktopBackground folder and extract it.

Now you have all the wallpapers from Windows 8 theme and you can use them on any platform.

  1. To add them to windows 7, open Personalization section by right clicking on desktop.
  2. Click on Desktop Background and clear all wallpapers from the list.
  3. Use browser button to specify folder which you extracted previously.
  4. Finally click save.

Now your Windows 8 theme is ready to work on Windows 7.

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