How To Set Images From Chrome As Desktop Wallpaper

Many of us would be downloading wallpaper from internet to use them as desktop wallpapers. While this is simple we would further simplify this job by directly setting image from browser as desktop wallpaper. Whether you have noticed it or not, in Firefox you can set any image as desktop wallpaper with simple right click and Set As Desktop Background option. But this type of features is completely absent in Chrome. You don’t need to change your browser for this small problem. There is an extension for Chrome to add this feature which is even powerful than what Firefox offers.


This extension has been removed from Chrome store and so this tutorial is no longer valid.


You need to download Extension named Set image as wallpaper for chrome. Follow this links to download this extension. Add it to your browser and it will start working right there. Open any image and right click on it. You’ll find new option “Set image as wallpaper”.

Set image as wallpaper In Chrome

On Clicking Set image as wallpaper it would open new windows where you can do some image alignment. You can either stretch it, center it, or make it fill entire screen. The window show exacts preview how the wallpaper would look on desktop. Below snapshot shows how it looks.

Set image as wallpaper In Chrome

Finally click “Set Wallpaper” button and the image will go to desktop background. Now click close button. I know extension should close the windows all by itself but it does not.

Now your Chrome browser is ready. You can visit any of wallpaper website and set any image to desktop with just two Clicks.

If you ever had to remove this extension than enter “chrome://extensions/” into your browser and click remove in front of Set as desktop wallpaper. And it would be removed safely.

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    • Pradosh

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      The above extension have been removed from Chrome store and nothing could be done about it. I’ll update this post soon mentioning this.
      If I find another similar extension, I’ll add it here. Do share if you have other choice.

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