Ice Age Collision Course Theme

Ice Age Collision Course is the fifth installment of the Ice Age movie series. The hilarious comedy animation was released in June 2016. The movie has Course made over 250 million dollars in return despite its negative reviews by critics.

The Ice Age Collision Course Movie Theme customized for Windows 7 and Windows 10 is one that is meant to make your desktop get a fantastic, great looking. The movie which is directed by Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu is a story about a group of friends that are in the quest to stop asteroids from colliding with planet earth. Scrat who is ultimately obsessed with his acorn gets him into an alien space ship which he accidental comes into contact with some asteroids which start falling in the direction of planet earth. Scrat, therefore, tries to control the ship from falling into the earth and instead he leads it to Mars where it leads to the destruction of life on the planet.

On the hand, Buck tries to explain the contrary that there were similar meteoroid that hit thousands of years before, and if they find the spot where they had previously hit, maybe they could find a solution to their problem and maybe stop the rest of the meteor from destroying the earth.

Ice age collision course theme for windows 7

Ice Age 5 Collision Course movie discovers a journey of the herd going to solve a problem that would save the earth. The Ice Age 5 Collision Course Windows 7 theme contains scenes from the film and gives a more fun and exciting look to your desktop. The wallpapers include high-quality images creating a fantastic look. The Theme includes 25 wallpapers, four icons, user account photos and lock screens suitable for Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Ice age collision course theme for windows 7 and 10