Lamborghini Cars Theme

Did you like sports cars? If yes then you are at the right place. Lamborghini is once such luxury sports car out there money can buy. Of course you need to be millionaire to to buy it, but why can’t we dream of having those cars and have this cool Lamborghini car wallpapers on desktop.

Lamborghini Theme brings Lamborghini fans nice looking wallpapers of their favorite cars directly on desktop. Theme supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 and has 35+ HD car wallpapers and logon screens.

Lamborghini Cars Theme

The theme has hand picked wallpaper, total of 37 walls all in High resolution. So whatever may be your monitor size, theme should come fit. In addition there is one Lamborghini style icon for My Computer shortcut on desktop.

Lamborghini Cars ThemeDid you like sports cars? If yes then download this Lamborghini Cars Theme which include cool selected Lamborghini Cars wallpapers for your desktop.

Like other theme, Lamborghini Theme comes with 10 logon screens for Windows 7 only. Those images replace Windows 7 default logon image and changes every-time you start the computer.



Download Lamborghini Cars Theme


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