Mail PassView–Tool To Decrypt Email Client Password

Many people use email client software’s like Microsoft outlook or Mozilla Thunder. And almost all of which saves users password for quick access. For any reason if you have forgotten a password but it is present in email client than you can recover it with free tool caller Mail PassView.

Mail PassView is an free software developed by Nirsoft. It can uncover all password saved by most of popular email client. Since they do not use any encryption to save password Mail PassView finds no difficulty to show actual password anytime. So there is no need to brute force because it works straight of out of the box.

Download it from Nirsoft website. Of course its freeware and free from any bundled ad or toolbar. Upon installation it automatically detects installed application. If any password or account is found it displays it neatly. Not just password, it shows pretty much everything about an email account. From name to email address, pop & smtp servers, server port, using SSL or not and more.

It supports most of email clients including Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2007, IncrediMail, Eudora, Netscape, Yahoo Mail if the password is saved in Yahoo Messenger, Gmail if you’re using Gmail Notifier, Hotmail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Recover Email Password

Upon obtaining the user information it also allows to export list via text or html format. It might make you feel insecure and application made for black hat users. Indeed you can use this to recover password in case you forget them. Make sure you stay on safe side, by using this only on personal computer.

Concluding Mail PassView is an excellent tool to recover email account information and passwords. It works free without any issue and in our test successfully recovered passwords from Outlook 2007. There might be some cases where antivirus suits detects this software as potential risk. It is just a false alarm as reported by the developer and you are safe to use it.

Download Mail PassView