Metro Browser For Windows 7 – Browser Internet In App Style

Metro interface is making things even more interesting with developers around the globe starting to create more powerful and feature rich apps. Most of the browser companies already started their work on developing app style browser similar of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 Consumer preview. There might be no way to install those metro app browse on Windows 7 but you can browse Internet in metro style with Metro Browser. Its is neither an app running on Windows 7 nor version of Internet Explorer. It is stand alone software having user interface similar to metro.

It would be very difficult to bring all functionality from Internet Explorer app in Windows 8 to any Windows 7 software. Yet this software have most of look drawn from Internet Explorer from Windows 8.

Still basic in nature no need to install it, works out of the box. Download Metro Browser and Unzip the archive to open MetroBrowser.exe to launch the browser.Metro Browser For Windows 7

Metro Browser is still basic in functionality and don’t expect to replace your primary browser. Even though some basic features like favourite is present you cannot open any links in new tab. You’ll have to open it into new window.

May Metro Browser is very lean on feature set to replace default browser, but it have good potential in its design to get foot hold. If you have not used Windows 8 yet this would help you getting glimpses of Metro Browsing in Internet Explorer what Windows 8 houses.

Many developers have announced their plans for app style browser which might make their appearance after next beta launch of Windows 8. Final launch is scheduled somewhere in October 2012 after which you can expect metro browsing on everywhere.