Metro Style App Switcher For Windows 7 With Mouse Gesture

You might have used tab preview in Windows 7 which opens all tabs in middle of screen. Indeed this provide quick access with simple key combination of Alt+Tab, it isn’t that user friendly. The preview provided  is very small same as in start menu. And it also makes it more difficult to find right tab when their number goes high. While the problem also continues to available version of Windows 8, here is simple solution to add new app switcher with small software App Switcher. Designed by vhanla, helps to provide large preview of open tabs, nivagete across theme with ease in metro style and switching with mouse gesture.

Its not a big deal of tool where you can fine-tune several parameters, adjust what you feels good, etc, etc. App Switcher for Windows 7 Aero is very basic tool, not even need to install it. Just download and run, it works fine. When it comes to tuning anything, luckily there is not a single option, button or any windows where you’ll find anything to make changes to. Once you download the app and extract it on your drive, just run. You’ll see app preview like below snapshot.

 App Switching Preview

Size of thumbnail is way big than Windows default which looks good. To navigate across multiple tabs, just move your mouse to left or right and it would slide bringing hidden tabs in front. Click the tab you wish to open.

Here comes the funny part. You might have tested Windows 8 and its metro UI to navigate between minimized tabs. Similarly here, to open the tab switcher again move the mouse to the top of your screen twice in quick succession. Isn’t that funny and easy too.

On our test App Switcher for Windows 7 Aero worked completely flawless. It occupied around 10 MB of RAM usage and it seems good deal. One thing we didn’t like was, there is no way to close this application without accessing task manager. Overall this tool is great if you concern to add new features to your system.It will surely make tabs in start menu useless.

Download App Switcher for Windows 7 Aero

Extra Features:

Start App Switcher for Windows 7 Aero with system startup

By default it one time run app. You need to run it everytime. So here is a small code to run it automatically when Windows start.

Extract the download zip file and place the file AeroAppSwitcher.exe in drive C (assuming drive c exist, if not replace C with any other drive in below code). Copy below code and paste it into notepad. Save the file as appswitch.reg . Once saved open the file and hit yes to enter the infomation.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] “AppSwitcher”=”C:\\AeroAppSwitcher.exe”

Now it should start automatically when windows start.

Closing App Switcher

If you ever need to close this application, right click on start menu and click Task Manager. Goto Processes and find process named AeroAppSwitcher.exe. Select it and hit End Process, click End Process from new dialog box to confirm. The application will be closed. Its the only way other than full restart.

Closing App Switcher

Follow steps from above snapshot for assistance.