MetroSidebar – Add New Metro Style Sidebar To Windows 7 And Windows 8

Windows 8 brought major UI redesign with its Metro. But in this process Microsoft removed various features. One of them was sidebar. Windows 9 is expected to bring back what Windows 8 took away. But till actual Windows 9 is launched we can just hope that Microsoft will listen to its humble users.

To solved issue of missing Sidebar, Amine Dries has designed a sidebar “MetroSidebar” which utilizes Metro style. Indeed its not the original one from Microsoft but does brings similar functionality and adds more appealing look to desktop.

MetroSidebar has its own custom widgets which can display all essential information about the system. Clock, Music Player, Alarm and Pictures preview are some to name. And the application is in active development so we can expect this to grow in future.

MetroSidebar is no brainier to install and get working. Just fire the installation, follow the installation procedure which is nothing but click next and next and you have MetroSidebar working. At first default tiles are displayed but you can add more or remove them. You can use settings icon to add new tiles or reach settings page.


It has little to configure on settings page. You can choose whether to start this application at startup or not, auto-hide it which is cool since you might want it to block space on desktop all the time.

MetroSidebar Tiles

MetroSidebar comes with 10 live tiles, you can choose which one to display on screen.

MetroSidebar Settings

Even-though MetroSidebar has limited set of features, one thing we like is that it supports almost all OS ranging from Windows Vista to Windows 8 including Windows 7. Above screenshots are taking on Windows 8.1 system. If you like to add Metro on Windows 7 desktop, this application is must for you. Its simple and works as it says.


Download MetroSidebar