Next Microsoft Office Suit To Be Named Office 2013

Microsoft have taken their long run Microsoft suit to next level with Metro UI style. Inspired from millions of Window 8 preview downloads and good response from public testers it seems metro is tuning up whole desktop experience. Back in January Microsoft told next version of Microsoft Office suits codenamed “Office 15” would be available soon. But some Office screenshots leaked over web says it would be named Office 2013.

Microsoft have not reveled any details about this, but made sure that next office suit would have metro look for menus and icons. Interface is expected to have better support for touch based computing. A leaked screenshot of pre-beta office 2013 somewhat shows how it looks. Even though there is very little to know from this screenshot, it assures to have all new interface and perfect fusion of Windows 8 and touch based devices.


Office 2013 Screenshots

Office 2013 Screenshots

Office 2013 Screenshots

Like what happen to Windows logo, same applies to Office 2013 which is going to have a brand new logo. Yet this also is inspired from metro tiles.

Office 2013 Logo

Not much detail is out over web, but there are few confirmed changes which could be make out from above screenshots. Also note, this screenshots is taken from pre-beta version of Office 2013 which is till under development and final version may have different design.

Beta version Office 2013 is expected to  come out this June but there is no confirmed date when it would be available for download. It is expected that new Office suite will follow up soon after Windows 8 launch this October.