Pacific Rim Theme – Updated

Are you Transformers movie fan ? If yes, then you would definitely like upcoming science fiction movie, Pacific Rim which share a lot like even-though both are totally different stories. The story of Pacific Rim takes to near future when humans design giant robots to fight giant monsters who rises from beneath the ocean and threatens human civilization.

The design of robots looks alike a transformer, but they are different. Here in this case they are called Jaegers controlled by two human pilots. The two humans makes bridge between their mind to control the giants.

So here is Pacific Rim Theme bundled with 20 high resolution wallpapers from Pacific Rim movie. In addition to wallpapers, theme will also replace Windows 7 default logon image with 3 images from the movie. It supports all version of Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS.

In addition theme also comes with unique user account picture and one Jaeger icon for My Computer.

Pacific Rim Theme For Windows 7

Pacific Rim Theme With 20 Walls



Pacific Rim Logon Screens For Windows 7

Pacific Rim Logon Screens For Windows 7 with User Account Picture

Download Pacific Rim Theme

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