How To Add Start Menu In Windows 8

Microsoft have announced to discontinue start menu from Windows 8 and this have annoyed many Windows users. Start menu was serving best way to launch application right from Windows 98 era and its sudden disappearance for new OS is bit disappointing. Most users are missing start button to launch programs but Microsoft saying there will no more start menu in final version closes every hope to get it back. While metro interface have served better with touch devices users with mouse and keyboard have no option than using third party software like Classic Shell to bring similar functioning start menu.
Even though there is no easy way to unlock start menu in Windows 8, Here is software “Classic Shall” to add similar button with almost same functionality. While its not real start menu but contain most of the features and look alike.
Classic shell can bring old XP or Vista style start button on Windows 8 or Windows 7. You only need to install the software and default setting will be applied which is enough to get functional start menu.
When it comes to looks, it draws it form old Windows version. Windows 7 look is not present which most of people will look for. Beside it bundles different style which could be applied changing the overall appearance. you can switch it from Metro to Aero style in Windows 8.
Below snapshot showing start menu in Metro style.Windows 8 Start Menu
When you install this start menu it cuts of shortcuts to metro screen. Since there is not much need of metro in presence in start button. You can access it form Start button in right sidebar.
Classic Shall looks good on windows 8 where there is no sign of Start button. On windows 7 it looks same, but default design is much better and most user will not wish to install this on Windows 7. We might be able to get Windows 7 skin for this before Windows 8 launch this October. And that would make it complete start menu kit.

Download Classic Shell