The Browser You Loved to Hate Is Growing Over Firefox And Google Chrome

Recent market report have reveled growth in Internet Explorer browser which was never seen in last few years. After losing its most of share to Firefox and Chrome, Microsoft made huge design change with IE 9 version that is looking to make good amount of difference with presents day market share.

You might be heard of The Browser You Loved to Hate, it was campaign run by Microsoft to advertise Internet Explorer. Even though it become top browser with highest share for last few years, it was constantly loosing it. Mainly because of it competitors Google Chrome and Firefox with better design and performance. It seems things are changing now. Last months report states one percent growth in Internet Explorer usage. out of all computers running Windows 7 50% people browser internet with Internet Explorer. That’s good news for Microsoft.

This have put competitor browser to worries. Google Chrome which was growing like wildfire after its launch is finally loosing its users. This was first time when Chrome is loosing market share. On other hand Mozilla Firefox on other hand is constantly loosing some fractions of share every month but still maintaining hands over Chrome.

While the future might be in the way of Internet explorer after its Metro Browser for Widows 8. Firefox has recently tasted its metro browser prototype showing its not so far. And Google Chrome still shows no sign of bringing metro. It would make large loss of share if they didn’t get metro browser in time at least in October when Windows 8 set to launch.

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  1. N2K

    Yeah! I think Internet explorer 9 is the best browser yet, including Metro browser for win8. Microsoft surely worked on it inorder to get the upper hand. Firefox is also great but i think i prefer internet explorer….

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