Ubuntu 12.04 Released And Ready To Download

For Linux fans and Ubuntu users, here is next step in Linux industry with release of Ubuntu 12.04 version. This is final version of this long term supported operating system and is available for free download in various flavors.

New Ubuntu 12.04 is powered by Linux kernel 3.2, GNOM 3.4 desktop environment, with powerful interface. There are lot more improvement in term of interface, performance and response.

The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS feature tour:
· Improved desktop experience – yes, still powered by the Unity interface, now with lots of internal improvements and new quicklists;
· Unity configuration – implemented in the System Settings -> Appearance panel, allows you to easily resize the launcher and set its behavior;
· Head-Up Display – or HUD for short, offers a new way to quickly search and access any menu of desktop applications and indicators;
· Intelligent login screen – powered by LightDM, which now supports wallpapers;
· Rhythmbox – replaces Banshee as the default music player and organizer, includes Ubuntu One music store;
· 14 new beautiful wallpapers – from various photographers and artists around the world;
· Updated web browser – Mozilla Firefox 11.0 is once again the default web browser, doing a very good job;
· Updated email and calendar client – Mozilla Thunderbird 11.0 is the default mail client;
· New video lens – linked to YouTube and other video hosting sites, allow you to easily search local and online videos;
· ClickPad support – enhanced support for trackpad devices;
· Ubuntu One improvements – including a new Control Panel and proxy support.
· …and many more other small features for you to discover!


Download Ubuntu 12.04


Note: Ubuntu is free to use operating system and you can use it anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Please make sure you download right version ISO image for your desktop.