New Windows 7 RSS Themes: Aqua and Fauna Dynamic

Here are set of two new Windows 7 themes released from Microsoft, Aqua dynamic and Fauna dynamic.Theme would bring beauty of natural photography and some wild life animals to your desktop.

Aqua Dynamic Theme

Aqua theme showcase natural images of rivers, mountains and water flow. Perfect suited for nature lover. This theme would bring sense of peace and feeling of natural affection to your Windows 7 desktop.Aqua and Fauna Dynamic Themes

Churning seas, rushing rivers, and gracefully curling waves are just a few of the images you’ll get with this free Windows 7 theme. Water: powerful, serene, and dynamic, captured by our community of contributors in splendid color and form.


Download Aqua Dynamic Theme


Fauna Dynamic Theme

This theme suits for animal lover. It packs in imaginary of variety of animals including snakes, peacocks, giraffes and more.Aqua and Fauna Dynamic Themes

Critters of all kinds populate this free theme for Windows 7, including giraffes, whales, snakes, peacocks, and foxes. Download it now and you may see a few surprises, too. (Is that a teeny little snail riding on another snail?)


Download Fauna Dynamic Theme


Both of above themes works on RSS feeds so we cannot tell exact number of images present in it. But all are in high resolution of 1920×1200 to serve large monitors.

Note: This theme is published by Microsoft and can be used in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions. It also works on Windows 8 available versions. It automatically download wallpapers from Microsoft server through RSS feeds. This means you need constant Internet connection to update this theme.

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