Windows 7 Themes Editing – Basic Work Out

We have developed tens of Windows themes to serve our community better and better with different colors and styles. The idea of developing themes for Windows 7 is very simple and so customizing them. Yes you customize Windows 7 themes to suit your needs . We have made lot of try to offer the best, but in this post we will cover how to do basic editing on Windows 7 themes and make it more appealing.

Installing a Theme:

This process cannot be simpler than this. You only need to open the theme file (.themepack) and system automatically install the theme and wallpapers.

Deleting A Theme:

There might be a case when you’ll overload Windows with many themes. In situation like this you should prefer to delete old and unused ones. To delete open Personalization by right clicking on desktop. Now right click in any theme and select Delete. All its wallpapers would be deleted and theme will no longer occupy precious space from your drive.

Editing A Theme:

There are lot of things could be done with a theme. You can install any of theme and are free to customize it the way you need.

To add new wallpapers to the theme first open the theme folder. Just copy and paste below address into Windows Explorer and replace USERNAME with you account name.


Copy the additional wallpapers which you want to add and paste under preferred folder. You can also remove some of them.

To apply theme again open personalization and select your theme –> Desktop Background–> Select All –> Save changes.

Below snapshot demonstrate theme editing process in graphical way.

Windows 7 Theme Editing

Above process only works for Windows 7 and Windows 8.