Decorated Egg, Ducklings, Microsoft Flight:Hawaiian Adventure Themes From Microsoft

Microsoft have done good job in providing lots of themes for Windows 7 users. Week after week they release new themes. While we release new theme on daily aspect we would like to inform you all about latest themes from Microsoft which they release for public release. This is roundup of 3 themes made for Windows 7 and also works on Windows 8.

Decorated Egg Theme

We know egg decoration is serious art and there are people doing this for fun. This theme contain such decorated and colored eggs wallpapers which most of you would have not seen yet.Decorated Eggs theme

You won’t have to hunt long to find the brightly colored eggs in this free theme for Windows 7. Get all the fun of finding chocolate-covered, candy-coated goodness without the calories.

Download Decorated Eggs theme

Ducklings Theme

Ducks and Ducks is only this theme contain. Specially focused on small chicks of ducks just coming out of eggs. Bring their beauty to your desktop.Ducklings theme

They’re fuzzy; they’re sleeping and waddling; they’re peeping and swimming and impossibly cute! Make way for this adorable free theme for Windows 7.

Download Ducklings theme

Microsoft Flight:Hawaiian Adventure Theme

If you have played Microsoft flight simulator flying jets, this would feel right easy on your desktop. Mainly based on arial snapshots of Hawaii taken from air of this simulator.Microsoft Flight: Hawaiian Adventure theme

Adorn your desktop with scenes of aerial adventure. Take to the skies over Hawaii with this visually stunning theme based on Microsoft Flight.

Download Microsoft Flight:Hawaiian Adventure Theme

All of above themes are hosted and published by Microsoft on their site. We have tested those themes to be working on Windows 7 and Windows 8 platform also.