Windows 8 Say Good By To Start Button – Microsoft

After several decades of use Start button is finally going for permanent break after Windows 8 launch this October. This would be firm move by Microsoft because its the only easy way to access applications in precede-rs of Windows 8. They have strong belief that metro style which was seen in developer and consumer preview versions would be enough.

With recent words from Microsoft that they have no plans to add Start Button back which was missing in beta releases. Normal uses who spend whole life using this button might have trouble to get use to metro interface. Apart from it, Metro which is not much suitable for mouse would make lot of clutter in Metro UI if not proper managed. And of course people would have to get back to their learning screen to get hands on metro.

Windows 8 No Start Button

Metro style look much better on touch based devices which would not have suffer from disappearance of this button. This might be solved by touch based monitors arriving market soon. Many have already said trouble in switching between Windows Explorer and Metro, confusion between app and software. Apparently Microsoft have plans for tutorials to teach new uses making familiar with metro user interface. It would be nice if they bundle it as tour because many reported moment silent when they installed Windows 8 first time just to decide where to click. Mostly tutorial to use mouse and keyboard would be available.

While Microsoft have said no to start button, third party tools might came up to make button similar to start button.

Windows 8 might be ready for final release this October, along with numerous touch based devices which are waiting for Windows 8.