Intel Readying Windows 8 Tablets With Hyper Threaded Processor

Windows 8 which is one of the most awaited Operating system of all time is set to bring all new features and user experience. Even though it is set to launch some where in forth quarter, tablet market are already testing beta version on their slates. Recently in Beijing, where Intel showcase tablets powered by Windows 8 consumer preview under dual core hyperthreaded processor. And most important claim to offer battery life of around 9 hours comparable of what iPad offers.

You might have got hands on Windows 8 consumer preview on your desktop, but using a tablet with this new piece will be different. Microsoft is on hope to compete Apples iOS with Windows 8 in tablets. Where they are in final stage to release release candidate version, Intel have demonstrated working beta version on their new tablets. In conference held in Beijing saw this new pieces with powerful processors and feature set to match Apples iPad.

iPad which is current market leader in tablets, could find some challenge near end of this year. Some sources suggest Windows 8 will hardly get 4% percent market share this year. It might seem low, but its way large considering its launch in last quarter. While iPad has proven its features and hardware, Intel’s claims are just on paper and yet to see after few months.Windows 8 Tablets

Two tablets demonstrated in Beijing one include Atom Z2760 “Clover Trail” processor. It operates in hyperthreaded mode processing two threads at a time and “brust mode” (features similar to turbo boost in corei3 processors). It increases its speed when required and slows down when idle providing excellent power saving capability. While the other tablet saw dual core processor and hyperthreaded to quad core. Using this type of processing power in tablets essentially means Intel is readying to replace laptops with next generations tablets.

Coming to other specification, tablets were little heavier than iPad merely fractions of pounds and slimmer than ipad.

Intel has claimed tablets could offer 9 hours of battery life. This is yet to be tested and nothing could be said about this at this point. They have not disclosed how big the battery would be or any rating to compare with others. It would best to see this tablets after Windows 8 launch.

Windows 8 will be launched in last quarter following which this Intel tablets could arrive in market. Nothing is known about exact date but we are to see Windows 8 tablet market blooming this Christmas.