Windows 9 – The First Impression

Windows 8 taking all the criticism for abrupt UI change brought by Redmond giant and Windows 9 seems to be only hope for those not interest in Metro. Even though there is no official word from Microsoft about next iteration of Windows platform, it is expected to roll out sometime in 2015 with first beta expected in last quarter of 2014.

Windows community have hopes on Windows 9, thinking it might bring back what is lost with Windows 8. Even if Microsoft keeps claiming Windows 8.1 has everything and ideal customer would need, there are still lot of people who disagree with. Simply not because touch based devices is yet to gain market share, but may be people love to use mouse sitting at comfortable distance. A few blogs from Microsoft points that they would promote existing UI which means it is unlikely to get true Windows 7 successor.

Of course Windows 8 has lot of features and Metro interface is lot fun on touch based devices. But we hope Microsoft will combine both of them for upcoming Windows version. And as they plan to unify the ecosystem with one Windows for Desktops, Mobiles and Touch based devices, things seems difficult to change.

Windows 9 has year long before coming out, but the fans are fast enough to design concepts of Windows 9 which they think one day my becomes reality. Below are some of the Windows 9 concept designed to depict Windows 9 look.

Modern Aero - Windows 9 Concept

Modern Aero mixes start menu and start screen metro UI. I wish Windows 8.1 to have this because I like to use start menu, not Windows 9 might have something alike. Revamped start menu has everything, all apps from start screen and search box, like a miniature version of start screen.

Windows 9 first impression

The above concept(click to enlarge view) comes with completely new flat design for both desktop and metro. As you can see, all lock screen elements are bigger now, while the desktop features a new taskbar with a redesigned Start button and icons that look flatter and even more appealing.The Start screen has been redesigned as well and comes with new tiles that seem to better fit the design style, as well as with access to libraries and a search box that can be easily launched with just a tap.

Windows 9 concceptThis concept redesigns taskbar, new icons and fresh System Tray icons. The desktop seems to borrow lockscreen elements and now displays the time, the date, and the upcoming appointments, as well as a weather gadget showing the current weather conditions in a configured location.

Windows 9 Concept

This Windows 9 concept that imagines the Start screen supposed to be implemented in the next full OS release coming from Redmond. As you can see for yourselves, the new design uses an improved flat look and rounded fonts, all leading to a much more user-friendly appearance that could make way to the operating system.

Some of the new elements showing up in this concept and highly unlikely to see daylight in Windows 9 are the taskbar, the user account icon placed in the left bottom corner, and the clock, usually displayed as part of the taskbar on the desktop. At the same time, the Start screen also holds several Google apps, not available at this point on Windows 8.1, including Gmail, Google Chrome, and Google Plus. The designer claims that such a design would be extremely flexible and would meet all screen sizes out there, which actually matches Microsoft’s vision for future operating system.

Windows 9 Screen
The concept is really eye caching than Windows 8.1 and seems perfect for Windows 9. As you can see for yourselves, this concept combines elements found on both the desktop and the Modern UI, updating the existing charms bar with several new options that seem to make it a bit more useful. Charms are now integrated into a larger design that comprises live tiles showing the weather, time, alarm, and shortcuts providing quick access to specific areas of the operating system, such as settings, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer, and My Computer. The overall design follows the same “flat” concept introduced by Windows 8 and comes with slightly redesigned icons that perfectly seem to match this particular design style.

Above are some of few concepts designed by deviant users for Microsoft upcoming Windows version. Since there is no official word or announcement its difficult to tell whether they actually see daylight anytime.

While Microsoft is trying to push Metro UI, certainly Start Menu is not coming back. Surely when Windows 9 will be released most of the users would be use to Metro interface. If you are Windows 7 users and love to use traditional desktop better stick to Windows 7 and wait for official beta of Windows 9, its just one year to go.

I personally favor Modern Aero by MarkusMcNugen because it has start menu and if not then Concept by Miguel Cruz which seems much more flexible then current interface. Tell us which concept you liked and wish to see in Windows 9.

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  1. Rick

    Windows 10 now, and it SUCKS !!! I want to see Aero Glass come back and the ability to really dress things up like Apple icons are, the more out systems can handles graphics the plainer Windows gets ! BOO Microsoft !!!

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