Windows XP Is Still On Top, Windows 7 Falls Behind In Market Share

Well its about a decade after it launch Windows XP is still going on top having largest market share. Becoming the best operating system for years that Microsoft have never thought. Even though two of it later version came up among which on Vista which completely failed and Windows 7 which brought whole new features and better performance. And XP still dominates the market.

After introduction of Windows 7 in shelves XP share have been decreased in share considerably but still new OS is not widely accepted. Recent market share of March shows XP has whooping of 45.39 market share taking crown of being on top. While Windows 7 has kept is growth to 38.12 and Vista at 7.65 in US.

Operating System market Share

Windows Vista which was considered as complete failure will surely meet its deadline after Windows 8 launch well before what Microsoft expected. On other side support for Windows XP is announced to close in 2014, still enterprises are using it.

Windows 7 which was expected to wipe out Windows 7 was not able to do so till date. And it might become second OS if Windows 8 successfully attract XP and Vista customers.

While world is preparing for all new OS Windows 8, market is eagerly for its arrival in October 2012. And this would see large setback for Windows 7. Most of XP and Vista users would have no option to choose Windows 7 prior if 8. Till it is launched XP holds the toppers crown which Microsoft hope Windows 7 will strip it down.