X-Men Days Of Future Past

X-Men Days Of Future Past is here as a sequel to X-Man: First Class and part of famous long running X-Man series. The film is sequel to both, First Class and The Last Stand. The film was released in May 2014 and received great success with rating on IMDB reaching as high as 9.2.

The story of X-Men Days Of Future Past is set in near future 2023, when sentient robots known as Sentinels takes over command and are exterminating mutants. They also oppress the human population, as regular humans harbor the genes that can lead to mutant offspring. A small band of X-Men manage to evade the Sentinels thanks to the powers of Kitty, who has the ability to project a person’s consciousness back in time to deliver warnings.

The X-Men rendez-vous with Magneto and Professor X comes up with plan to sent Wolverine back in future and prevent the events that triggered the present. The Wolverine goes back in 1973 and meets young Professor X.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Theme

X-Men Days Of Future Past Theme is unique theme for Windows 7 and Windows 8 to customize your desktop with X-Man look. It includes Full HD wallpapers and icons for Wolverine and other mutants from the movie.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Logon Screen

X-Men Days Of Future Past Theme on Windows 8

Theme contain total of 10 high resolution wallpapers which are displayed on desktop and changes in every 15 minutes. In addition there are mutant icons for My Computer, Documents, Recycle Bin and User Account Picture. Windows 7 can also enjoy x-Man logon screens when computer starts and shuts down.

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